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Les amants du rocher

2015 | Europe

A grand and unique contemporary show, combining acrobatics and dance at the highest level with exceptional artistic collaborations. A crazy idea, born of multiple encounters and a common desire: to showcase the Principality of Monaco...

Monaco, the show is a creation by Cirque Éloize. It is directed by Krista Monson, who has directed over 40 shows in Canada and the United States. With its Custom designed Acrobatic integrations in the stage, its Large video mapping on decor as well as new technologies in the interactivity and tracking, Monaco was sure to be a crowd favourite.


Production by Cirque Éloize

Director: Krista Monson Artistic

Direction: Jeannot Painchaud

Technical Design, Technical Director: David Wirtgen

International Logistic Coordinator & Site Coordinator for Cirque du Soleil Load-out: Olivier "Bob" Bierwertz

Senior Technical Drafting (Set - Stage - Props): Sebastien Assoignons

Senior Technical Drafting (2D - 3D Project Master): Marcel Lamy

Music Composer: René Dupéré

Lighting Designer: Etienne Boucher

as Lighting designer Choreography: Nicolas Archambault, Wynn , Debra Brown

Associate Director: Emmanuel Guillaume

Set and Props Designer: Patricial Ruel

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