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Mirror Mirror par Moment Factory


Following successful presentations in Montreal and Adelaide, Mirror Mirror at CF Chinook Centre marks the third stop for the studio’s original indoor immersive art experience, representing the second collaboration between Moment Factory and Cadillac Fairview after an interactive experience at CF Carrefour Laval.

The project seamlessly blends creative expression and interactive innovation to present an ever-evolving digital exploration, inviting visitors to engage in a journey through nine dynamic art installations that explore the themes of memory, imagination, dreams, and consciousness. This new playground of immersive art is designed to entertain visitors of all ages, with each installation powered by the curiosity and participation of the guests.

Mirror Mirror is a multipurpose solution that can be scaled and adapted for a broad range of venues seeking to provide engaging temporary or permanent attractions, increasing dwell time. The experience is ideal for settings such as entertainment venues, shopping complexes, or family entertainment centres.

Learn more about the Mirror Mirror experience at CF Chinook Centre in Calgary, including visiting hours and ticketing information:


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