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Le Rêve Las Vegas

Le Rêve is a dream to be experienced fully awake, with eyes wide open


Created by Franco Dragone

Performing at Wynn Las Vegas, the show features synchronized swimmers as they glide through the water, performing an elegant ballet.

Aerialists soar through the air and dip into the aquatic stage.

Huge nets rise from the water and high divers make the audience gasp as they plunge nearly 80 feet below. Dance, acrobatics, light and music are all part of the dream that is Le Rêve.

David Wirtgen Managed the load-in and load-out of one of the training facilities including a 35m/13m/3.5m pool for the Belgium pre-production time.  He acquired his technical underwater certification in order to perform daily underwater maintenance on pool infrastructure, set pieces and props to be integrated later in the show.

Supervise and manage the training studio in all aspects to offer safe water-based training to the new performers and cast to prepare the creation phase in the Wynn theatre.


Franco Dragone : Director

Koert Vermeulen : Lighting Designer

Claude Santerre : Theatre Designer and Set designer for the «Pièce Montée»

Giuliano Peparini : Choreographer

John Gilkey : Clown Scene Designer

Jean Pochoy : Assistant Artistic Director

Dacha Nedorezova : Aquatic Choreographer

Michel Crête : Production Designer

Jacky Beffroi : Aquatic Choreographer

Didier Antoine : Aerial Designer

Benoît Jutras : Composer and Musical Director

Carmen Arbues MiroMake-Up Designer

Dirk Decloedt : Assistant Producer and Video Content Designer

Claude Renard : Costume Designer

Daniel Léon : Sound Designer

Criss Angel : Creative Contributor for fire and bird effects

Yves “Lapin” Aucoin : Contributor to lighting development

Mark Goodwin : Lyric Writer

Ryszard Kruczynski : Acrobatic and gymnastic trainer

Philippe Chartrand : Contributor to the development of aerial numbers

Ben Potvin : Contributor to the development of aerial numbers

David Wirtgen : Technical and site coordinator, underwater aquatice technician

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