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Thunder Chase

2019 | China | Hainan | Haikou

Produced and Operated by Showtime Entertainment Productions

Thunder Chase is the largest Outdoor stunt show in China. 3000 seats amphitheater designed to provide ultimate sensation and 180-degree experience anywhere from the audience.


Inside of a Spanish look-alike tailor-made set design, 3 giant screens and multiple live broadcast cameras will get you to live 25min of unexpected and unique acrobatic, stunt and special effect performance.


Parkour, high fall, zipline, FMX & Buggy jumps, speed car drifting and many others will keep your eyes big open.

Executive Producer: Medhy Menad


​Production Director: Laurent Jean Jean​


Creative & Show Director: Jean-Marc Chastel


​Production Manager: Cecilia Arnould-Rachner​


Theater Design & Technical Director: David Wirtgen


​Technical Manager: Michel Gamache


Technical Manager Assistant and Site coordinator: Wendy Yuang


Set Design: Aurélie Gandihon


Lighting Design: Johan Chabal​


Sound Design: Corrado Campanelli​


Video programming & realisation : Roch Fortin & Manon St Laurent


Video Technical Design : Pierre Luc Brunet

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