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2010 - permanent show

Created by Franco Dragone, 

The show is set in an extraordinary magical kingdom that takes audiences on an awe-inspiring and emotional journey. The show incorporates mesmerizing special effects, dazzling costumes and visual treats with the most breathtaking acrobatics, artistic and aerial performances. The House of Dancing Water has received rave reviews by audiences and critics alike and has been hailed as one of the most imaginative theatrical extravaganzas ever produced

David Wirtgen has been very much involved with the project from the very begining as of 2007 while Research & development were performed then preparing the "training and formation" / rehearsals in Belgium 2008 - 2009.  Involved very closely with Eurocam-Alfacam (today AED Studios) in the construction of one of the biggest Aquatic Studios in the world in order to get all artists and crew to be prepared for creation in the theater.

David Wirtgen was Associate Technical Director during pre-production and creation until opening (2007-2010) then assitant technical director and technical director during operations (2010-2011)

Lawrence Ho : Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melco Crown Entertainment

Franco Dragone : Founder & Artistic Director of Dragone

Giuliano Peparini : Associate Director and ChoreographerBenoit Jutra : Composer

Li Chung Pei : Architect

Benoit Jutra : Composer

Carmen Arbues : Make-Up Designer

Denis Lafontaine : Fountain/Special Effects Designer

Suzy Benzinger : Costume Designer

Andrew Watson : Acrobatic Performance Designer

François Bergeron : Sound Designer

Vincent Engel : Script Writer

Lucas Dragone : Script Writing Support & Creative Process Videographer

Luc Lafortune : Lighting Designer

Patrick Neys : Video Content Designer

David Wirtgen : Associate Production Technical director and Operation technical director

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