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Seul Ensemble

2019 | Canada | Montreal + Quebec

The most recent creation by cirque éloize based on serge Fiori's work, with the musical collaboration of Louis-jean Cormier and Alex McMahon. stage direction by benoît Landry.

DW Projects took charge of the technical direction and design, as well as the coordination of acrobatic rigging, acrobatic apparatus, and scenography.

This ambitious project had the goal of bringing the world of circus and modern dance to the unique music of serge Fiori and succeeded in stealing the audience's heart since its premiere in Montreal.

Composer, Musical Director: Serge Fiori


President, Chief of Creation: Jeannot Painchaud

Executive Producer: Serge Grimaux

Execute Producer: Pascal Auger

Stage Director: Benoit Landry

Director of Creation: Emilie Grenon-Emiroglou


Musical Collaborator: Louis-Jean Cormier


Musical Collaborator: Alex McMahon


Production Manager: Natasha Drouin-Beauregard


Technical Director: David Wirtgen


Assistant TD, Operations Head Carpenter: Benoit Archambault


Project Manager, Assistant to Technical Direction: Eric Devriese


Draftsperson, Technical Project Manager: Alexandre Royal


Video Project Manager: Pierre-Luc Brunet

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