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2018 | Canada | Toronto

Quatro, the CNE’s 2018 edition aerial acrobatics and ice-skating show, was themed around the Four Elements: water, fire, wind, earth and the dynamic interaction between the four forces of nature.

Poetic, yet explosive, Quatro dazzled audiences with its exceptional artists performing to a unique blend of contemporary musical hits.  World-class circus artists and ice skaters from across the globe converged in Toronto for this extraordinary show.

This year’s special guests included Vanessa Bauer, the 2018 Dancing on Ice winner, and former Cirque du Soleil artist, Angela Kim.

Credits Production by ISF

Production Technical Director: David Wirtgen

Drafting & Production Technical Director Assistant: Alexandre Royal

Stage Director & Aerial Choreography: Melanie Royer

Ice Skater Choreographer: Roselle Doyle

Lighting Design: Hubert Gagnon Music Arrangement: Michael

Litresits Costume Design: Marie-Hélène Lampron

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