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2018 | England | London

Lurking in the shadows, Godspeed You! Black Emperor unleashes a monolithic sound, tying together snatches of noise, field recordings and muscular riffs, with excerpts from F#A#∞ and other records. The dance work is similarly extreme, as dancers on pedestals enact movements that go from repetitive and every day to frantic and confrontational.

monumental was first performed in 2005 by dance company The Holy Body Tattoo to recordings of Godspeed’s music, since the band was on hiatus. When the band reformed in 2010, former Holy Body Tattoo Co-Founder Dana Gingras directed the remounted version of the piece as a live music and dance experience with Gingras's company Animals of Distinction.

It’s a totally absorbing multimedia work, with lighting design by Marc Parent, video by director William Morrison and text from conceptual artist Jenny Holzer.

Credits Music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Choreographer: Dana Gingras & Noam Gagnon

Dancers: Animals of Distinction

Technical Director & Lighting Operator: Jean-François Piché

Assistant Technical Director: Alexandre Royal

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