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2047 Apologue

by Zhang Yimou

2017 | China | Beijing

Directed by ZHANG Yimou, 2047 Apologue will make its global premiere in Beijing. The international team with the domestic and overseas top cast will present a refreshing audio-visual feast.

ZHANG Yimou breaks the form of traditional stage plays, combining Chinese folk arts with international technology, and thus creating a unique “concept performance”. The main creative team is composed of WU Tong, QIU Jirong, WU Na and other performers of traditional Chinese arts, as well as senior artists performing long tune and the loom art. The traditional art forms in this performance include Shaanxi tunes of small copper bowls, Quanzhou Puppet Show and Fuzhou Drum Music.

These Chinese folk arts will be presented with different high-tech, igniting new vitality. Noticeably, 20 teams and individuals from seven countries will gather in this performance.

DW Technical provided Technical design and logistics for a custom-made touring air fountain by Daniel Wurtzel.


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